W8 Fuel Filter Change 4mo


First, let it be known I take NO responsibility for anyone's carelessness but my own. I did not cause your garage to blow-up,

This is not a substitute for a professionally changed fuel filter job- but, rather, my attempt to amuse myself and you who find my make-shift tools and gas catcher can beyond reproach. Use (with a REAL flame suit) at your own risk.


  • 17mm, 19mm, and 20mm wrenches
  • Crescent Wrench*
  • Torx Wrench (various size Allen Wrench can be substituted)


  • New Filter # 441 201 511 C,
  • New filter Washers* #??? (optional)
  • Rags
  • Catch can


  • Locating the W8's fuel filter is easy; its passenger side in front of the wheel, next to the gas tank. p/# 441 201 511 C, Stealership was the cheapest ($18).
  • As you can see in the pictures it is VERY easy to access. A quick jaunt up the Rhino Ramps, or just using a floor jack, will provide you with enough clearance to work.
  • Start by selecting your tools: You will need 17mm, 19mm, and 20mm wrenches, or if you are MISSING your 20mm use a Crescent instead.
The Allen wrench was used in place of my MISSING Torx wrenches…..don't get me started.
  • Next get a can of some sort and some paper towels or rags. This is my premium blend setup (decaf??):
<--------------------- FLOW -------------------------------
  • Remove the torx bolt that fastens the plastic strap^^^ I believe it is a T-40. Ellen wrench worked fine, too (1/4").

Be careful when loosening the bolts! Do it slow. A few ounces of 91Oct will spray out. Use the can as your catcher and the rag as your…ragger?

  • Alternatively you could pull the fuel pump fuse and cycle the car ignition briefly to relive the pressure stored in the fuel line. (remember to put the fuse back when your done)
  • The old filter is fairly crusty and, well, just plain old. Use the Crescent against the filter and 17mm then the 19mm wrench to free up the filter.
  • Each bolt holds two sealing washers on either end. Keep track these if you plan on reusing them. If not, chuck 'em and get new pieces ($1.97) from Stealer. p/#'s —-crap I cant find the receipt! Dealer will know.
  • Slip the new filter in with the washers in place and tighten everything back down the way you found it.
(pretty little maid!)


Lastly, you will want to check for any leaks.


Now, clean up the remaining gasoline from the floor, the undercarriage, and your face. As you start your engine you will notice a few second delay as the pump is delivering the fuel through a somewhat empty line.

Okay, so now the fun part!
I hate leaving old oil/gas rags lying around the shop waiting for them to dry out. It was a cold day in the burbs, low thirties and damp. What a nice day for a "controlled burn."

Everything was holding steady….

Whoa, TAKE IT EASY!!!!

Maybe the smoke will keep the 'coons from coming back….

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