V6 Serpentine Belt And Tensioner Replacement

by: 2.8lB5


  • 17mm socket
  • 10mm hex driver
  • Ratchet
  • Breaker bar


  • Belt
  • Tensioner


Part selection:
For a replacement tensioner, I recommend the Goodyear Gatorback tensioner (49267). According to Goodyear, it is “designed, engineered, and produced by [the] OE supplier,” which is evident when compared to the factory part. It appears Litens just milled off the Audi part numbers and logo.

With the Goodyear part, you save about 40% off the dealer price and appear to get the same part you would from the dealer. The cheapest place I found the part was Checker (who was also the only place locally that had it in stock). Also check to see if they are running the buy online/pick-up in the store promotion on their web-page. That saved me another $5.00.

Location/Tool Needed:

Remove engine cover.

To remove the belt, use the 17mm socket with breaker bar to turn the tensioner clockwise. Slip the belt off the alternator pulley (or any other convenient pulley) and slowly release the tensioner.

Remove old belt. (Use the fan blades to rotate the right side free.)

Use 10mm Hex driver to remove the mounting bolt for the tensioner.

Remove bolt and set aside for reuse.
Pull out tensioner.
Move the tensioner to the belt-driven fan and place between the blades.

Slowly pull the tensioner up and rotate out of blades when space permits.

To install the new tensioner, place the tensioner in the fan and rotate it down into place.
Place the tensioner in position and rotate it until the pin in back seats. (The tensioner pulley will be very close to the crankshaft pulley.)
Use the 10mm driver to bolt the pulley into place.
Route the belt over the grooved pulleys using the fan to rotate the belt down.
Pull the belt up and over the tensioner pulley.
Ensure the belt is properly aligned on all the pulleys.
Use the 17mm socket and breaker bar to loosen the tensioner (turn clockwise), remove the retaining pin, and slowly release the tensioner.

Start the car, turn off, and check belt alignment again.

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