V6 Engine Speed Sender

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2002 Passat 2.8L 4Motion Tiptronic

History: The car had been hesitant during start up for several months, requiring a lot more cranks on the engine than when it's working properly. Then one after noon on a hot day it would only crank. I cranked on it several times, let it sit for a while and then it fired right up. Drove home and VAGCOM'd it and I had a code for Engine Speed Sender -No Signal (Sporadic) and code P0322. No CEL with this one.


  • Flatblade Screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • 10mm socket
  • 15-20" of extension


  • Engine Speed Sender PN:06A-906-433-C Dealer Price $120
  • IMG_1463a.jpg

This is a very easy job. No thanks to Bentley, that provided very little info. Location is vaguely specified so I had to go look for it. The Engine Speed Sender is location just forward and slightly above the driver’s side inboard axel Drive.

To begin, remove the main plastic engine cover, remove the screws securing the coolant tank and swing it back out of the way. On the fire wall there are three plug connections bundled together (See photo #1), unplug the grey one (Engine Speed Sender - this is where you need the flat blade to work open the connection and release the holding lock).

The wiring will be zipped tied in 3 places and the are a bit to get at. Mine were so brittle they disintegrated with much force, throw them way. The wire is fished down through some wiring, behind and below the intake manifold. Jack up the front drivers side (Remember that jack stand!), turn the wheels all the way to the left.

Remove the left front tire. This provides the space and viewing needed to access the sender.

Photo 2 shows it all. Only one 10mm bolt secures the Engine Speed Sender. The new one came with a new O-ring, but you have to remove the spacer that will be attached to the old Sender. Put it back together in reverse order and you are done. An indy quoted $65 (labor) to do this, it takes maybe 45 minutes. It took me about 2.5 hours because I had to figure out how to do this DIY. You get to experience doing it the easy way.

Post Log: Bentley describes how to trouble shoot the Engine Speed Sender using a multimeter. Resistance between pins (Engine Speed Sender wiring side, not ECU side) 1&2, and 1&3 should have a reading of infinity. Pins 2&3 should have a resistance of between 750 and 100 Ohms, it had zero, indicating that is was indeed a bad sender. With the new sender, the car fired right up with no hesitation.

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