Secondary Air Injection Pump Relay P0411

by: afterburner



For only the second time in 8 years of ownership my 2002 AWM threw a CEL. A quick scan showed the only code was for the SAIP.


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If you start your car in a garage, it's easy to hear the faint whir of the SAIP a few seconds after start-up. With the door open, you can also see the interior lights slightly dim. Mine no longer did either so it was time to find the problem.
First of all you should look for the obvious issues like bad vacumn lines to the combi valve or hose connections near the pump but it was pretty clear I had a electrical issue. Applying 12v to the pump showed it was working just fine. Off to to ECU box.

Power was fine at the 373 relay and the fuse tested okay. The easy part of this fix comes from knowing the SAIP had twice stayed on after driving more than 30 minutes, even after turning the ignition off. A quick search showed the relay was the usual suspect. A test applying voltage to the relay confirmed it wasn't working right. The local parts store had the $5 relay as I didn't have the time to order one online. My only question is why the updated VW oem relay is $35, pn 8K0951253, and why was it updated? It's only a standard 4 blade bosch relay. So far after a week the CEL is history but I will pick up a few spare meyle relays on the next parts order.

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