Rear Window Only Rolls Up

Okay, yesterday after work I came home and went straight to work on fixing my window problem that a few of us were talking about earlier this week. If your REAR (dont know if this applies to the front) window(s) will not roll down, but will roll up, here's a step-by-step on how to fix it. If you're fairly mechanical it's easy:

1. Press the button as you normally would to roll down the window if it actually worked right, but make sure to hold on to the window so it doesn't fall down and slam on to the base, if the window falls and breaks that will suck.

2. Remove the courtesy light that shines on the ground by prying w/ screwdriver

3. Next to that light assembly that has just been removed, there is a Torx screw (size T-20), remove that.

4. Next, go to the inner door handle (The black one your passenger would pull to close the door from the inside, NOT the silver latch-handle) and pop off the cover. (You will need something sharp, but sturdy…..I used a putty knife). I recommend to start popping it off from the bottom in case you mess up and put a little scratch no one can ever see it once you put it back together. ***You may want to put your other hand over that panel because it may pop off violently and fall on the ground, scratching it.

5. After the cover is removed you'll want to unscrew the two screws in there.

6. Next, take a thick and wide flathead screwdriver and cover it with some sort of thin padding (sock, rag, etc.) so you dont ruin your door panel and start prying on it. I started on the bottom-inner part of the door and got all the bottom ones popped off first, then I just used my fingers so I had more control. Don't be as afraid as I was to pull sort of hard….they're just plastic clips and probably wont break….if they do, just buy a couple more. (None of mine broke)

7. After all of the clips on the bottom of the door and along the inner and outer sides are popped off you'll want to lift up on the OUTER edge of the door panel. Yes, that's right….LIFT. The reason why it's much easier to lift from the outside is because the door lock knob is on the inside which makes it harder to move.

8. Next…..You may want to have someone around to hold the door panel for you for this step because you will have to unhook the tweeter wire, power window button wire, and door latch cable. ***Look at how the door latch cable is on there, and pay attention to how the little black clip is on there. I didn't pay attention the first time I did it and when I put it back together, the latch would not open the door from the inside so I had to take the door panel halfway off again to hook it up correctly. (Only took 5-6 minutes, but still a PITA).

9. Remove the door panel.

10. You will now see the silver inner door panel, there are about 7 bolts or so that you will need to remove.

11. Take a screwdriver and start prying it off VERY CAREFULLY because there is a rubber seal attached to the inner door panel that may come off a little bit if you're not careful.

12. I'm saying it again for safety's sake…..make sure your window is down, even if you have to CAREFULLY push it down by hand.

13. Once you have the inner door panel's rubber seal broken, CAREFULLY open it from the bottom…take a flashlight and look inside on the bottom of the door for the OFF-WHITE plastic (teflon?) pin that should be laying around in there somewhere. (Both of mine were directly under the hole they should have been in.)

14. After recovering the Pin, push the inner door panel against the door and the rubber seal should make it stick safely.

15. Next…….right near the power window motor there is a 2" diameter, round, BLACK, rubber seal…….remove that. This should expose the base of the window as it sits on a white "platform". You should be able to see the hole where the Pin you just recovered should go into.

16. Line the window glass up so the hole that is in it is aligned with the hole of the platform.

17. The Pin that you recovered will have two parts, and inner and an outer….do NOT separate them. Instead, use something that will fit inside the hole of the inner part of the pin. (I used a Torx T-25 to fit snug in there and hold it tightly)

18. Using a small screwdriver, move the silver power window cable to the side and push the plastic pin in that hole.

19. Once it's in there nicely and fitting flush the window is fixed, and will roll down. Test CAREFULLY and slowly by using the controls on the driver door.

20. Put everything back together. <p>

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