Oil Cooler Gasket Replacement 1.8T

By:Mister T

Background Information:


  • Wrench
  • Hose Pinch Pliers


  • New Gasket

So I thought that I would post some pics and a brief DIY on changing an oil cooler gasket.

  • Here is the oil cooler in all it's frozen glory. The you can see the seam where the gasket is right by the edge of the top coolant hose.
  • Although you don't have to remove the coolant lines if you're only changing the gasket, you can pinch off the lines if you plan on changing out the whole cooler assembly.
  • The route I went was to move the coolant tank out of the way to gain access. No need to disconnect any of the coolant lines from the reservoir, just the level sensor.
  • Although you don't necessarily need to, I chose to disconnect the PCV check valve lines to give me more room. While they're off you may want to check that they are functioning normally by blowing into and sucking air out. The valve should let air pass in one direction but shut itself off in the other direction (hence the name check valves)
  • OK, I am missing one pic here but it's pretty self explanatory. First you take off the oil filter. Once it's off you can feel under the cooler for a 1-1/16 nut attached to the threaded tube that the filter attached to.
  • Spin the nut off and the cooler will drop right down, remove the old gasket and put the new one in. It will likely crack when you remove it so make sure you get it all out This is part of my old one, it felt and looked like 50 year old plastic.
  • Installation is the reverse of removal, cheers.
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