Fog Light Vvme Single Bulb Hid Install

Fog Light Vvme Single Bulb Hid Install



So I purchased the VVME HID single bulb kit from Corradog60stage4's Group Buy, with hopes of getting them to fit into my stock B5.5 fog light housings, for some more "umph". I got the 3000k single bulb HID kit with slim ballast (a DEFINITE nicety to have as I'd come to find out during mounting time).


  • torx screwdriver ( to remove the bumper from the wheel wells/grill etc)
  • Philips screw driver (for fog housings)
  • flat blade screw driver (for belly pan)
  • 1/8" drill bit (for metal)
  • metal sheers (to cut back of fog light housing)
  • hammer
  • dremmel (for shaving plastic down)
  • 1/4" female connector ends
  • heat gun
  • shrink wrap


  • HID Bulbs

  • First thing ya need to do is get her in the air on some ramps or jack stands. Go through the usual steps with the torx/philips screwdriver to remove the fog light housings, bumper and belly pan.
  • The majority of your time will be with the fogs, so get to it. Once the fogs are removed, unscrew the back and take the old bulb out. Fit the new single HID bulb in…CAREFULLY. GENTLY turn the bulb clockwise until it seats….there is a notch on the left and right that it will fit around. Once you have it fitted flat, push the metal tension springs back down and ensure they've got good grip back up under their holders. Pic of bulb fitment awesomeness:
I needed to cut one end of the stock wire harnesses (on the inside of the fog light housing back off and crimp a new female end on, in order for them to hook it up to the HID wires…nothing hard or special, but this is where I used the female connector, shrink wrap and heat gun (mine had a weird connector on it).
  • Next is the rough, time-consuming part…..there's a part on the back of the fog housing that essentially is an outcropping. You have to use the sheers and dremmel to completely cut it off, and hollow it out. Take the top off (quarter shape). Use the flat blade screwdriver and the hammer at first to hammer open the hole (basically punching the bottom out), then use the sheers to cut the outcropping off, then dremmel the hole till it looks like this:
  • Once that is done, route all the bulb wiring out through the hole, and slide the rubber grommet down into the hole halfway. Ensure no wires are being crimped when screwing the fog light backing back on. Total package when complete should look like this:
Props to Chanyote66 for helping me get this envisioned
  • Next I chose to figure out mounting locations and secure the ballasts. On the passenger side for me was a no brainer. I have a DIY intake, so there was ample room for me to drill two holes in the body and mount the ballast. Good thing is, since they're slim, if I ever go back to stock (doubt it), the stock air box will fit right on top of it:
  • This is a pic of where the wires run from the passenger ballast, down and over the intake towards where the fog light will be:
  • For the driver's side ballast, I was at an impass….no where to really afix it too, but tons of room. I ended up choosing between gluing it inside the bumper, or suspending it from part of the frame. I love quadruple ziptying! Secured it with more than a few zipties and it barely moved it was so tight:
  • Since everything used the stock harnesses, there was no need for any additional wiring….which cleared a LOT of confusion up, as I thought I needed every piece that was in the kit. Pic of my test-firing of the HIDs before fully installing…BINGO! (forgive the sideways shot):
  • Reverse the process to get all your junk put back together (careful of the wires from the ballasts, as mine almost got caught on the bottom of the bumper as I was sliding it back on.

Tested it again once everything was installed and it was perfect. These things are KICK-ARSE bright too!!!! Super glad I went with the 3000k. I highly recommend this upgrade for anyone even toying wth the idea….actually became easy once the housings were dremmeled out. Now…..what the crap do I do with this thing?

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