Floppy Tiptronic Shifter Repair

1) Go to the dealer (or call first like i did) and order part number 4b0798135. This is the part number for 98 and 99's For 2000's and above, check with your dealer because there are VIN splits and there is a letter that gets attached to your part number as well. Once you picke it up, and open it, you'll get parts #15, #18 and #19 as show. It is a little plastic tip shift guide, AUTO mode selector and L-spring in that order

2)Gather your tools that you'll be using. I used only a socket set, scribe and needle nose. If you can, get a scribe that has a 90-degree bend in it, it will come in handy

3 Start by removing your shifter handle. There are 2 handles that are disassembled differently. Before attempting to take it appart, slide the sleeve(#1) on the handle downwards slightly. Check the color of plastic part.

If the part is black

  1. Set Selector lever in position "3"
  2. Slide sleeve#1 downward
  3. pull button #2 out of handle just enogh that the pull lever (arrow) hangs downward
  4. Pull the handle off the selector lever

If the part is red-brown (This handle can replace the handle with black plastic)

  1. pull out #2 until it clicks into place (about 1/2 inch out)
  2. pull on handle to remove, taking care not to press button while pulling.

4) Remove rear center counsel assembly. This has to be removed to access the front assembly.

5) The front assembly should lift up and out.


7) carefully pry tabs (red arrows below) out and over restraints (both drier and passenger side) to remove the upper shift indicator assembly (4 tabs total).

once cover is removed it should look like this

8) Remove protective cover. to do this you must remove the plastic triptronic shift guide (#15 above) and shown below because the plate will not lift past this.

now you must carefully pry the four tabs that hold this down as well over the lip that secures it to the assembly. there are 4 of these as well. once the plate is loose, you will have to move your tiptronic lever back and forth to get the plate to lift up over the shift guide assembly properly

9) your shifter assembly should now look like the picture below. (Note the broken spring red arrow)


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