Door Lock Repair. Installing Spring.

I struggled for ages to install that damn spring into the barrel assembly, without success.

Then it occurred to me; surely VW or their suppliers wouldn’t allow their assemblers to damage their nails and fingers trying to put the lock barrel together? Wouldn’t they give them a tool to make it easier?

First thing, I had the lock barrel partly assembled in a small engineers vice, with the key inserted.

I found that the end cap fits nicely over a short length of 15 mm copper plumbing pipe. So I found a piece – about six inches long – and cut a slot about 2 – 3 mm deep in one end with a hacksaw.

I slipped the end cap over the pipe (tongues facing downwards), located the free end of the spring in the slot in the pipe and pushed down while turning clockwise until the end of the spring located against the tongue of the small “castle” component.

Still keeping pressure on the pipe, I pressed the end cap onto the assembly and held it firmly in place with my left thumb and forefinger, then removed the pipe.

Next came the “paddle”. I located that, then VERY CAREFULLY slotted in the “C” clip.

I hope that helps.

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