B5 5 Center Console Installed In A B5

by: 2L_Dub_PimP


Symptoms of issue or other information


  • 13mm socket and rachet
  • 10mm socket and rachet
  • Hex tool
  • Dremel and cutting blades


  • B5.5 Center Console
  • B5.5 Shift Boot and knob

Remove B5 Center Console(Haynes/Bentley Manual)
B5 E-brake handle will need to move to the left, mark mounting points and cut grooves to allow

Find a location for the gas door button on the new console
Put the button to the location and mark the size
Use the dremel to cut the opening for the gas door button
Put button in place

Unscrew two hex screws from the back of the console and remove back piece

Bolt E-brake handle in place loosely put console in place and adjust handle until handle fits through opening of center console
Bolt E-brake handle down, Connect gas door button connector
Bolt down console
Place back piece onto console and tighten hex screws

The ebrake handle is very close to the opening because it doesn't move enough to be in perfect position but for me it functions and it saved me from spending $120 buying the B5.5 ebrake handle at the dealer.

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