Antenna Base And Wire Replacement


I used the Enfig perfect fit S2000 Antenna Mast, Base & Cable.

$40 here-

  1. With a phillips head screwdriver, remove grab handles from above the rear doors, and the window shade clips above the rear deck. Pull on the rear pillar trim pieces (the ones that run from the rear deck to the ceiling). They're clipped in. They just need to loosen to allow the headliner to drop. Note: The headliner is a flexible sheet of particle board, covered by fabric. This board can bend to a certain point without creasing. I was able to complete the job without a crease, but your mileage may vary. Be careful!
  2. Pull the "lip" of the headliner off from the rear, around the edge to where the grab handles were. You should have enough clearance to reach between the headliner and the ceiling with your hand, all the way to the antenna assembly.
  3. Disconnect the antenna. It is connected with a single coax cable, while the replacement is a coax cable + power lead. Unless there is an adapter available, you'll have to run the new wire all the way to the radio. That's what I did.
  4. With a 22mm wrench (I just used a crescent wrench), reach in and loosen the nut holding on the antenna assembly. Remove it, and place the new one in its place.
  5. Get a helper to hold the new assembly while you screw the nut on. Use the crescent wrench to tighten it. You could also use some silicone sealant it you wanted to be sure it wouldn't leak.
  6. Feed the cable down the driver's side of the car. You have to have the torx? style bit in order to remove some of the trim pieces. I went down the side of the back seat, then along the bottom trim, and over the pedals. It was pretty easy to fish it along, and just pry it under the trim, loosening or removing pieces as needed.
  7. Plugged it into your aftermarket stereo, and hook up a power lead to the other wire. The antenna adapter used with the factory antenna wire is no longer needed.
  8. To clean up, replace pieces in the reverse order. Replacing the rear headliner was pretty easy; I just bent out the "lip" on one end, and moved along with both hands, pulling out the headliner with one hand and pressing it into place with the other. It looks as good as new. You should also keep your hands clean, so you don't get fingerprints all over it.
  9. Take a quick test drive. All your AM stations are now loud and clear!
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