1 8t Thermostat Replacement

So i just replaced my tstat cause of a P2181 code. Did my CTS (coolant Temp sensor) first and now moved on to this hoping it will fix it.
Start off by opening the top of the coolant reservoir to release any pressure on the coolant system. Then remove the clip holding the the CTS on the lower radiator hose. Remove the CTS and drain the coolant into a bucket

Take the upper intake hose off and stick it under the front radiator hose so you can stick a socket wrench in there better

Once the hose is off you can get a good look right behind the alternator and you'll be able to see the tstat housing and top bolt

Stick in a 5.5mm allen socket to unscrew the top bolt. The other bolt is directly below the top one. Stick a flashlight through the top runner of the intake manifold to see both of these bolts better

Use a magnet to retrieve the loose bolts so you dont drop or loose one.
Once the housing is off, you will see the thermostat and the o ring. Pry the thermostat out with a smaller Flathead screw driver.

Once the old one is out set the new o ring in first then the new tstat (The o ring is going to fit in loose so make sure it doesn't fall out)

Once the new o ring is in along with the tstat, bolt the housing back on making sure the o ring is still inside on top of the Tstat and bolt the 2 bolts to i believe 8ftlbs
Toss the coolant back in and check for leaks

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